Miracles Are About To Happen, For The Whole To Witness.
The Next 5 Months Will Blow Your Mind.

The Whole Experience On Earth Will Be Changed Forever.

The Quantum Financial System Has Been Finally Upgraded, NESARA/GESARA Will Be Online In The Next 3 Months, You Will Never Worry About Money!

The Quadrillions Worth Of Gold Of The Vatican And The Cabal Bankers Will Be Distributed For All To Have,Unlimited Abundance.Nuremberg Prosecution Is On Trial And Will End In July.

This Means All Will Go Public, And The Total Disclosure Of All That Had Been Hidden.There Will Occur, A Solar Flare, Which Will Cause 3 Days Of Darkness.

We Will Shift Into The Fourth Density.Free Energy, From Tesla Towers Wil Be Activated, As Well As The Release Of Medbed Technology, And Many Thousands Of Patents Of Higher Technologies That Were Kept Hidden.From Food Light Replicators, To Clothes Light Printer, To Anti-Gravity, Space Portals, And A Lot More.

Our Telepathic Communication Will Be Activated As Well As Many Incredible Powers You Couldnt Even Imagine.Your Life Will Change Forever.

Then The Galactic Reunion Will Follow.We Will All Meet On The MotherShip And Reconnect With Our Deepest Roots. In An Instant, You Will Remember Everything.

As The 12 Rainbow Crystals Of Lemuria Rise From The Sea, And From Below The Crust, High Above The Land, Therefore Activating Original BluePrint.Pain Will Vanish, As It Never Existed.

The Dream Will Become Alive!And Your Wildest Dreams Will Become Reality.Keep Breathing,The Best Is Yet To Come!Soon, We Rise In Light!

We Rise In Love.

Nova Maxx💙
Bron: Marsja van Kilsdonk

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